Why is my order on hold?
When you select a payment method such as Pera Padala / Money Transfer, the order will be put on hold until I have received payment.

Why does your store look sketchy as fvck? Can I trust you?
Despite the lack of web design, I literally have no reason to steal from you. The store is under my domain name which I have no plan to jeopardize. I have more to lose than to gain from running away with hundreds of pesos. Also, I like this template because it only uses a small amount of resources which makes my site load fast and improves the total page speed score.

How many times can I download a theme?
You can only download a theme once. The store can track if a download was done or not. If the download button doesn’t work or in the event of a ‘Failed Network Error’, please email me a screenshot immediately so that I can check and send a new link if needed.

What is Shared Web Hosting?
Shared Web Hosting is where you share certain CPU resources with other clients in a server. That’s what makes Shared Web Hosting affordable, unlike VPS Hosting where it’s more expensive but the allocated resources are only for you. For HostMeCheap! Shared Web Hosting, the resources that aren’t shared are the monthly bandwidth and storage space. You can read more about shared web hosting online.

I’ve sent an order hours ago, why haven’t I received details about my web hosting account or domain?
I am managing the store by myself, please bear with me as I can’t be online 24/7. I usually go to bed around 10 PM GMT+8. I will email you as soon as I see the order.

Something weird happened with PayPal, it deducted from my account but I haven’t received my order.
That is either a PayPal or a store issue. I will check my PayPal account if I have indeed received payment. I will then cross-check the payment with the order to confirm.

Can I ask for a refund?
You can ask for a refund for the web hosting package but only within 24 hours of the initial purchase. For domains, there is no refund unless you could get in touch with me before I can register the domain name. The themes are non-refundable.

Invalid domain purchases and invalid hosting/domain renewals will be refunded.