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What is a managed domain?
A managed domain is a domain name where I would be the one to buy and manage it for you. The price you are paying is only for the first year. Since the domain will be on my account, I will be in charge of renewing it every year given that you pay the yearly price on time.

Why would I want you to manage it for me?
Because it’s cheaper for me to buy it than for you to acquire it yourself. I am a partner of Crazy Domains and every domain name I purchase is discounted. If you are the one to buy the domain, you will be paying for its full price. Also, if you are unfamiliar with how to configure domain names (updating nameservers, A records, etc.), then a managed one would be good for you.

Can I choose any .com domain?
As long as that domain name is available and not a Premium/Resell/Back-order domain. Premium domains are domain names other people have bought but are reselling them with a higher price tag.

Example of a domain on Resale:

Crazy Domains’ regular available .com domains only cost 480 628 PHP/year (global price of .com domains have risen since the screenshot below was posted):

To check if a domain is available, you can use a service like DomComp. After you’ve chosen a .com domain, scroll back to the top of this page and enter your desired domain name, then press ‘Add to Cart’.

If you are still unsure of what to do, please contact me before purchasing this service.

What about the domain’s registrant information?
Since I will be the one buying the domain, it will be me on the registrant information. But for the Admin Contact Info, Tech Contact Info, and Billing Contact Info, we could use your contact details if you want.  But if you wish to hide all that information altogether from the WHOIS database, including my information, you could opt to purchase the WHOIS Privacy addon.

How do I know if it’s time to renew my domain?
I will contact you by email or phone so that you could pay the renewal price. The renewal price is 585 PHP a year.

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